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Tooltip Question

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Okay, so I use Tooltip, but I have 2 questions:

1) I use it on a Media Center Computer hooked to a HDMI Screen. Is there a way to make the Tooltip's message pop up over a Full screen Video? Even with Option 4 on, It just flickers (Too quick to read) and you have to minimize the video to see it.

2) Is there a way to make a Tooltip message disappear after say.. 5-10 seconds? Like when you get a popup on Windows, how it fades away after a few seconds.



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Hey Eric!

To make the tooltip last longer put the Sleep fuction directly after it.

ToolTip("This is a tooltip", 0, 0)


This is because it only stays up until another action is performed, clicking/typing/etc.

I tried it with a full screen video playing and it stayed directly on top of the video visibly, I'm not sure where you are seeing this flickering.

Perhaps one of these will help?



Both commands check if a window exists..have it look for the title of your full screen program, and if its active have it minimize, close, or lose focus and then display the tooltip.

Hope this helps -Synct

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