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CMD & Autoit

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i have problem cmd telnet using autoit

when i run this telnet mx1.mail.yahoo.com 25 command using RunWait() it complete successfully


how to wait until this telnet mx1.mail.yahoo.com 25 command complete and go for next command


C:>telnet mx4.mail.yahoo.com 25 now it must wait until connection establihed after establishing connection then go for next command

MAIL FROM:<snip> now again same wait

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I would think that this is what the stdout / stderr console commands were designed for, though I haven't personally checked / used them.

The other option would be to grab the text from the command window, parse it, and base your logic / loops on that...

If the right settings are enabled in the dos box, you can use mouse/keyboard commands to grab the text into the clipboard.

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i tried this with a .bat file.. but could not get past the telnet command.

the .bat would run telnet and connect, and then none of the other commands were written to the screen. lol

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