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IE or Firefox for saving a series of webpages

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If I recall correctly, Internet Explorer is easier to automate than Firefox - it that correct?

The reason for posting is that a lot of people are going to lose webpages or blog posts that they have either 'clipped' or marked as 'keep new' when the RSS aggregator Bloglines closes down on October 1st.

For example one person 'tweeted' that they had 2,700 items that they want to transfer someone else.

I suggested transferring them to evernote.com, and have started opening my 'clippings' and 'keep new' pages (I have several hundred), then right click on the page and 'Add to Evernote' using Evernote's Firefox add-on. Another way to send some articles to evernote is email to your.email.address@m.evernote.com - but only if the page has a share/email link.

I figure that there would be thousands of people around the world that would be grateful for a script to automate the process. I have only done a few small scripts myself, so it would be too hard for me to do... but perhaps someone here would be keen to help out ??? ;)

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i'll take a look at this if noone else is


there are steps for exporting feeds on the homepage, if that does what you want, it would definitely be better than a piece by piece automation...

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