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Help Me Please for mouse click

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hi all

im new at autoit.I can use mouseclick or controlclick but i want color for click. Mouseclick or controlclick only use with x,y but i want use it with color

my english is very low sry all

thank for read

btw sry for my bad nick ;)

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What it sounds like you're looking for is to find a pixel or pixels of a certain color and then click. If so, to solve this, you break the problem down and solve each step, and then add together.

So step one: find the pixel(s) of a certain color. This can be solved with the PixelSearch method (check out the help file).

Step two: click on the location found (if found): check out the MouseClick function

Much luck!

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You should Push the F1 button -.- THE Best way to learn autoit... ;)

:) trying to take your advice but this does not mention autoit at all


just realized you may not know me well enough to know that i'm kidding, sorry too much energy drink today

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