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Autoit to C#

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Hello ,

I ve made a tool in autoit and now i m trying to rewrite it to c# however i ve some problems .

This is the autoit code

$name1 = _MEMORYREAD($Curobj + $objname01, $VAR1, "dword")
     $name2 = _MEMORYREAD($name1 + $objname02, $VAR1, "dword")
     $name = _MEMORYREAD($name2, $VAR1, "char[40]")

ankwards you can use the $name variable which gives you the result wanted however when i try to rewrite this to c# (looks like this)

string name5 = m_memoryacess.ReadASCIIString(m_memoryacess.ReadUInt(m_memoryacess.ReadUInt(m_memoryacess.ReadUInt((uint)curobj) + (uint)Offsets.objname01 ) + (uint)Offsets.objname02), 255);

m_memoryacess is

static public Magic.BlackMagic m_memoryacess = new Magic.BlackMagic();

If anyone would be able to help me with this i would be more than gratefull ! ;)

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