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Windows 7 - Taskbar - Right-Click

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Example in attached pic.

When you right-click some programs' icons in the Taskbar, you get the standard commands,

AND some "Tasks". The attachment is what you get from Internet Explorer.

I want to add these things to my AutoIt scripts, when I right-click the programs'

icon in the taskbar.

Also, can AutoIt add these Tasks to existing programs? That is, add say "Start in <some directory>"

to a non AutoIt program.

Thanks for any help.

[EDIT: forgot to click "Attach This File" button for attachment]


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Search for Systray.au3 Posted Image

You mean this: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13704

Those functions only effect the system tray, but thanks for the reply.

I'm asking about the Windows 7 taskbar (not system tray) icons.

I did find this: #766145

but that only effects the menu when you SHIFT+Right-click the icon (in XP I assume it effects the normal right-click, but Windows 7 has a different

kind of menu for a plain right-click).

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To make your search a little easier: the menu's are called jump lists. The only somewhat usefull post I found searching on these forums was this one.

Using google results on code examples in other languages and software that seems to be able to modify the lists.

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