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Registry Parsing

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I need to write a value to the registry to set the screen saver (SCRNSAVE.exe) and to make it active in all users.

All user GUIDs start with S-1-5-........(.....=rest of GUID number which is different per user and per machine.)

I cannot work out how to read just the first section of the GUID so as to write to it.

For testing purposes, I am just trying to read it for now(unsuccessfully)


Any clues for a newbie?



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Welcome to the forum! ;)

What you need is:

1.) use regenumkey() to step through all user account keys, see help file

If the values found are put into the variable $NextKey, then...

2.) compare, if it's a "User Key":

if stringleft($NextKey,6) = "S-1-5-" then .... (modify the values you want to)

regards, Rudi.

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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