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System Checker

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Hey Guys / Girls,

Im Going to Start on this seeming as I cant seem to find anyone working on something like it here.

I want to get a little Applet created that can check various things and Generate a BASIC report on it.

This is just to help my life monitoring servers.

All the Applet will do is as follows.

It will check Services, What state they are in and what the startup Value is.

Free disk space on the system


And if somehow possible I want to include Patches loaded on Windows and SQL Server.

Anyways, If someone has something already that can do some or all of these? let me know please thanks a Ton

- Digi

Saru Mo Ki Kara Ochiru[u]Direct Translation[/u]: Even monkeys will fall from trees.[u]I.E.:[/u] To Error is HumanMy Splash Screen applet: Splash Screen Coding

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