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Embed AutoIt interpreter into C++ code?

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Is there any way to embed the AutoIt INTERPRETER into my C++ code?

I'd like to have something like

AU3_API void WINAPI AU3_Eval(LPWSTR szAutoItBasicScript);

So, I want to execute an AutoIt script from C++ (this script may be hard-coded into S++ string or read from any file, no matter).

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I would love to have this feature too.

to be more specific, it will be great to have a set of API to control execution of a given script, which will include:

1. execHandle execute(stript string)

To start a script in a separate thread

2. getStatus(execHandle)

To query status of the execution, such as start time, is still running, waiting for UI, etc.

3. stop(execHandle)

force stopping a running script

4. pause(execHandle)/resume(execHandle)

pause and resume

If I can have access to the source code, I would love to help build the feature (at least give it a shot).



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