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Hey, I am trying to dump text into a window. This window seems to be very special from all the rest. For one, the only way I can get text into it, is by ControlSend. This isn't a big problem though.

The problem, is that if I send _ to it, it comes up as -. I have tried ascii, but then I realized this window doesn't take Alt + num codes. I have tried +- and +_ nothing, and {Lshift down} etc.

Is there any other ways of making a _? Someone who does C++ told me that there is something called VkKey and it sends the signal that windows gets from the keyboard, or something.


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what about

$string = "_"

send($string) ?


wouldnt work. it would be the same as send("_").

you could try sending it as a char. (search for chr & asc)

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Well see, I would like to tell you that it all worked out except....

On my local tests, it works! However, this application is not for local use.

The application sits on a server in Texas. The only way to control the server, is via Remote Desktop Connection. When I have the window infront of me, and I execute it, it works fine. When I have the RDC minimized or disconnected, it goes back to a - instead of _


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And I see why.

In the controlsendplus, in order to get the shift key working, it uses the Send command to send shift key down and shift key up. The whole problem about that, is that when the RDC is minimized, send does not work. That is why I use control send.

I edited controlsendplus, to use controlsend instead of send, but that wont work, because controlsend cannot send the shift.

Is there a dll way to send it?

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