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INetGetSource returns no text for valid URL

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Windows XP Home - SP 3

Working in SciTE

I cannot get the INetGetSource function to work.

AutoIt scripts work OK for me, but the INetGetSource doesn't retrieve any thing from known sites such as Google or even AutoItScript.com. (I have internet connectivity, and I have the INet.au3 include).

Even the example script given on this website for this function does not return anything.

The following code (given at http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/libfunctions/_INetGetSource.htm) returns nothing in the Console:

#include <INet.au3>

I did try a variation, without success, which waits in a while loop until it has the source text before displaying.

Is this incorrect code, or is some other vital thing missing?


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I think your problem is not related with autoit.

I think theris something misconfiguration with your IE-proxy setting(may be not working proxy ?)

Anyway firstly check inetcpl.cpl's connections tab for proxy configuration.

I think problem related with it.

Another think may be in eg: FW blocking it?

BTW inetget() works for you?or it has this problem?

This example works for me in WIN XP SP2<br><br>Also try to compile <br>

<br>#include &lt;INet.au3&gt;<br>MsgBox(64,"",_INetGetSource('http://www.autoitscript.com'))<br>
<br><br>And then run it .<br>If it works for you from compiled *.exe this means %programfiles%\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe was blocked by firewall.<br><br> Edited by Fire

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Have a look at HttpSetProxy(), to either specify explicitely "no proxy" / "proxy:port"

Use wireshark to catch the traffic, compare the capture to what you get when you use a webbrowser to surf the same URL.

Regards, Rudi.

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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OK, I've tried most of your suggestions:

1. It appears that this unit is not set up as a Proxy Server. Should it be?

2. Compiling & running does not work either, so I don't know if this about AutoIt.exe being blocked.

3. INetGet does not work either (Returns 0, I believe. And INetGetInfo returns empty).

4. I tried "no proxy" and "default" settings for HttpSetProxy(). No change in result.

5. Windows Firewall apparently will not allow adding AutoIt.exe as a firewall exception program.

Is this still a matter of settings?


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Sorry for the response delay. Was in hospital.

The winHTTP method works well. It will make a fine alternative to _INetGetSource!

Thank you

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