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How to kill the Security Box that pops up all the time.

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I know this would probalby fit better in a Windows Forum, but I am sure that a ton of Autoit folks have experienced this problem and needed a work around..

I am having a fit with the little security box that pops up when you navigate to a https:// page.. it warns and asks if I want to view Secure and Non Secure items... of course it stop the autoit script so I cannot click it using the script... the only way to get rid of it is via the mouse with a physical human click..

Is there anyway to shut this off... otherwise how can I run an unattended script.. before it only poppedu p on the first run and I could work around by atttending the first run, but now it pops up on every run....

Any suggestions to disable or totally remove this warning would be greatly appreciaced.

I even tried shutting down my entire security system with negative results...

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Did you try using controlclick?

A simple script that runs constanly looking for the window should work

While 1

$exists=WinExists("Name of security window here")

if $exists=1 then

controlclick("name of security window", "", "[iD of the yes button]", "Left", 1)




Something like that



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What you should do is modify your security settings. Just a thought ;)


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What browser are referring to???

How can I reproduce this popup to see more closely what you mean

I dont get any popup by visiting https:// sites...

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Thanks for that koatbliss, but would that really work as it shuts down my script in its tracks... I actually did set up a WinKill and Send('Y") and Send{"{Enter}"] and any of them will shut it down manually from mouse or keyboard, but the script would not.... it suspends the script....totally.. so I am assuming your loop would suspend.. but I will try it anyway... it only pops up once during the session so its easy to kill if the script did not stop..


Thanks that is exactly what I did once I figured out how.. but i had already shut down the entire security system wit negative results..


Thanks I probalby could have made that work if I had not alredy solved the problem, however that procedure does look a little complicated and looks like it shuts down the popup for everything... I only need one site shut down.


The browser is XP PRO and it pops up while posting on craigs list... craigslist.org

Basically it says "This page contains both secure and non secure items. Do you want to display the secure and non secure items? And it suspends any running scripts..

I have seen it many times before.... at different sites...

All of your comments were extremely helpful... which gave me the idea to search google for "Security Information Popup" and found so many articles.. it blew me away.... the very first one gave me very specific detalis on how to go into the IE browser security center and disable the popup for a single website... which was perfect...

Go here for a great article http://kb.iu.edu/data/amuj.html super step by step..

IF you need to use this procedure, be sure to use sub domain if reqd... as they are considered different sites for the security system.. the first did not work i had to use the second.. post.craig... for my purposes.



Thanks for all the help.... i really appreciate it... PROBLEM SOLVED COMPLETELY!

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