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Is GImageX still supported? Issue with VB.NET

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Is there still support for GImageX?

I am trying to use it to take an image of a Volume Shadow of the C: drive. The code to create the VSS volume and assign it a drive letter works well. However, when I try to use GimageX to take an image of it, nothing happens.

Well, I say nothing, it creates the WIM file but then nothing ELSE happens. I have the same behaviour when using SmartDeploy's SMARTWIM COM component too (although, bizarrely, THAT works if I use a VBS to do it!)

This is the code I have

Dim Gi As New GImageXCtrl

Gi.Source = "K:\"

Gi.Destination = "\\SERVER1\ghost$\imagextest\" + My.Computer.Name + "_CDrive.wim"

Gi.ImageName = "Test WIM"

Gi.DisplayName = ""

Gi.DisplayDescription = ""

Gi.Flags = "Ultimate"

Gi.Check = True

Gi.Verify = False

Gi.Bootable = True


Has any ever got this working in a .NET application?

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Richard Robertson

This forum is for AutoItX, not COM in general. We aren't the right place to ask this.

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Yeah I know. I didn't see a forum for GimageX so was just wondering if anyone here was supporting it.

Clutching at straws basically ;)

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