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General 'Reverse-Tab'

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Hey Guys,

So I'm writing a lot of Autoit these days (NERD! -- haha I know), and there are LOTS of tricks I have learned over time, just small things that save me multitudes of time (i.e. F5=Run, Ctrl+F5=Syntax Check Prod., etc).

I know you can highlight a couple lines/sections and press 'TAB' to tab them forward. My question is this: Is there away to select multiple lines/sections and un-tab (i guess that's what I'd call it ;)).

This would really help me out, as I like to keep scripts neat for future editing purposes.

Also, if you know any other small tips like that, I would love to hear 'em!

Thanks again guys,


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Highlight selection and then Shift+TAB.


P.S. You really shouldn't have to do that manually very often in SciTE4AutoIt3, just hit Ctrl+t and let TIDY do it.


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