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Multi functional Boot , iso, usb , back up , burn and restore Prog

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hi all,

i have been hanging around the forums for some time now. never really had too much too say. till now.

i have been off work for a short time now due to a work related injury so i have had some spare time on my hands and just been catching up on a few of my progs. now this one really has my interest. its arquard to explain but it a tool for creating burning data transfer and backing up plus other little features like formating and stuff al through the command promt. with prompt format dir mapping sanp disk viewer will soon be added and the script will be cleaned up in the near future. also ill get a snapshot to add on here soon

now what im wanting from this program is eventually have it possible to automate the creation of boot disk, images and bootable usb drives. now i have looked around and there is very litle info on this stuff and what info is there seems to be so conflicting that i feel a little more clarifiaction and guidance would help me out a lot.

so there is grub4dos , mkboot , plop and a few others but i thing they are the main ones for now. calling for help in this area. what is the favoured program to use? has anyone else really had any great outcomes with which software. just to clarify, the question is which software is likely to be most succesful at accomplishing my goal.

Note: due to fractured ribs, other injuries and heavily medicated for the last week. please excuse any typos or sloppy coding refs.

thanks all and im looking forward to some comment and to see what some of you geniuses can come up with to make this a wicked app.

DOWNLOAD THIS. Incomplete but still worth a look <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<===========================

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