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Hi. Press Ctrl+F6 in active scite editor window. Unfreeze the tool. Finger the "Next" button in install script. See control details. Then see install window name. You will need it to operate when it becomes active and when it dessapears or becomes inactive. Then look through the "control" functions that are present in HelpFile. Ok, then Just use CtrlClick etc. functions to simulate Control clicks. I advise to use BlockInput(1) and after everything is complete, release block with BlockInput(0). This will help you to avoid user's iniciative during installs. In advance, you can also make silent installs and futhermore even your own installs, with new parameters of the program, just take Registry shot, (soft: "RegShot", free for use), install your program, take registry shot again, then compare 2 registry shots. Note all differencies, add it to your AutoIt by using RegWrite commands, or even edit values to change program settings and then add it to your AutoIt script. Compile your own installation. In this way you can use gui to show to user that something happens, or without the gui - completely silent install. To include src files into script, use FileInstall function. Thats all.

Good luck.


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