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Whats Wrong with this code??????

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I have a special EXE File created to launch a PDF I am trying to figure out whats wrong with this code?????

Here is the code

Original Code before I put in my PDF Filename

Here is Visual C++ example code:

ShellExecuteA (NULL, "open", "ReadPFile.exe", cFileName,


After putting in my PDF Filename

ShellExecuteA ( "open", "ReadPFile.exe", lawson.pdf,


Is this Right?????

I am ultimately trying to make an EXE that will launch the ReadPFile.exe which in turn will launch the lawson.pdf file

The ReadPFile.exe and the Lawson.pdf do exist in the same folder and I drop in the EXE created by auto it but it does not launch the readpfile.exe at all

Any help would be great.....


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the kick inside

from the help file

ShellExecute ( "filename" [, "parameters" [, "workingdir" [, "verb" [, showflag]]]] )

so in your example something more like

ShellExecute ( "readpdf.exe" , "anotherfile.pdf")

might be a place to start

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Also, "NULL" is not a valid keyword in AutoIt, and the macro @SW_SHOWNORMAL requires the "@". To expand the previous example you were given:

ShellExecute("readpdf.exe", "anotherfile.pdf", @WorkingDir, "Open", @SW_SHOWNORMAL)
Depending on the environment, you might have to provide a full path to at least the target file.


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