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_INetSmtpMail & Quescom

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Normally I use the "native" function of autoit _INetSmtpMail , that is ok for normal mail.

But I have to send SMS (short messages) with an appliance by Quescom, (an ip device with some SIMs capable of making calls and send SMSs).

This device accept to send SMS if it receive an email using :

server : the ip of the device

from address : indifferent

to address: gateway@quescom.it

subject : indifferent

body of the mail: SMS=333888999 TEXT=my short message.

You can of course configure Outlook and thunderbird and start to send SMS

But _INetSmtpMail won't work.

The mail is sent, smtp trace all OK, but the sms is not sent, I know the Quescom and for me the body is not correct

I suspect that _INetSmtpMail add some tipe of character(s) in the body of the mail, but I don't know how to resolve this.

Ideas ?

By now I use the script from Jos --> LINK

BTW this function support also priority and user and password.


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