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Guest asan

Total newb here :(

I want to simply load a text list and then set a time so it would add text to an input box on a website.

<input name="p4181" type="text" id="id4181_9" maxlength="64" autocomplete="off"  value="" style="ime-mode:disabled" class="css0037" />
thats the input box i want the list to load to. I want to be able to load the list then be able to go through the list one by one with a timmer i guess set to like 20 seconds then hitting the submit button on the site
<input type="submit" name="Continue" id="i0000" value=" Continue " class="css0088" />
. Im trying to make like a program that would check if the user name is taken or not. any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much in advanced.


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