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building a 1 to 1 text chat program that can communicate over the web

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i would like to write a program to chat 1 to 1 with someone else who has the program over the internet.

all i need in the way of controls is a readonly edit box that contains the sent and recieved messages, an input box for sending a message and a send button.

as i am totally blind, i am unable to create the gui, but can work with an example.

the main thing i need is sample code to actually start the server and client on each instance of the program, as both will need server capabilities to be able to send messages to each other.

i am new to this particular field of programming but am willing to learn.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks allott

Please note: If you plan on submitting any code snippits to my posts, please refrain from using the code tags as i use a screen reader and can't read the code properly, let alone copy it the way it should be.Thanks for your understanding.Best regardsXY16

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I can see the problems you will have with making the GUI. I would be happy to help a little, but I don't have very much time right now, and I know very little about server side technology. The GUI controls shouldn't be difficult to make. Although I have been trying to think of ways that might help you to design your own GUI. It's really just like a grid that has to be organized with care, so that the controls do not overlap.

I think it's a little like trying to imagine a four dimensional array. I can't draw it or see it. It can't be represented in three dimensions, so I have no choice other than to imagine it. Like I said I will be a bit busy over the next few days, but I'll get back to you shortly.


In the mean time, perhaps someone else will be able to assist.

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