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Inter Process Comminication

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What it does:

provides a frame work (rather its an algorithm) to communicate between two scripts.

As of this moment this all bundled up into into one script.

How to use:

Start gui_send.exe multiple times. The first instance will create a GUI all other started processes will turn themselves into client applications and start communicating with the server app.

The Client app should send 'end' to terminate itself. The server will terminate only after all the clients have terminated themselves.

You can add 'serverend' as a command for the server to terminate (use this in the server script's case condition) and the server should send termination string to all the clients and then should exit gracefully.

ToDo: --> Done

Need to segregate this script into client and server scripts.

What cannot be done and is not possible:

Using this in a networked environment.


Uploaded the segregated scripts, but since the limit is for 1MB couldnt upload the exe. Please compile the code and create the executable.




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