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Au3gui Questions

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I need to scroll a listbox left and right. I added the scroll bars and it can scroll up and down but not left to right.

I used this code

Global $WS_HSCROLL = 1048576
Global $WS_VSCROLL = 2097152
Global $ES_WANTRETURN = 4096

$style = BitOR($style, $ES_WANTRETURN)


Any thoughts? :whistle:

I have one window and when the user clicks on a button I want to open another au3gui window but I don't want the user to be able to go back to the first window until the other one closes. I know it has to do with parent and child windows but me not smarty. :iamstupid:


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Doh B) I was looking through the styles trying to find it. Wrong place.

By the way larry thanks for adding that option. It will be really, really helpful in the future. (Translates to I changed my form so i don't need it now. :whistle: )


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