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Logging into to a webpage in Chrome or Firefox - how do you find input boxes?

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I just started with AutoIT yesterday so forgive me if I'm asking a totally simple question.

I'm trying to create a log in script.

Maybe I'm missing something but how can I send focus to a specific intput box on a webpage? I can easily view source and find the input box name, I know how to do that. But how can I tell AutoIT to go to that specific box? I've got my script working but it works by placing the mouse onto specific coordinates, which isn't working right because this site has news announcements on the home page which changes the location of the log in form slightly each time I go there.

When I look through the example scripts everyone here seems to be using IE to do these sorts of things, I guess there are lots of built in functions for this sort of thing and if that's the asnwer, than I'll dig into that.

But how can I accomplish this in Google Chrome or Firefox. I'm going to be running this script on a really old computer and IE is really slow so I'd rather use Chrome or Firefox. Plus I'm a LAMP developer by trade so I'm more used to using Firefox and Chrome when on Windows machines. ;-)

Again, if there is now way to identify specific elements other than moving the mouse to specific coordinates in Firefox and Chrome, I guess I'll have to use IE, but it sure would be nice to use Google Chrome or Firefox.

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Hi and Welcome to the forums!

There's two libraries for web automation;

IE.au3, look at "IE Management" in the helpfile.

FF.au3, look HERE.

I suggest you look at both, run the examples, get a feeling for how both work. Then play around with some code, and if you get a problem ask us.

Just don't ask me, I don't know anything ;)

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