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Execution issues

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I have simple script utilizing CMD Xcopy commands

This simple script is compiled and made to xcopy files from one place to its root.

I also made new script which executes previously described compiled script as well as other CMD.bat files and many other executables.

Execution is done simply by

Run (@ComSpec & ' /c ' & '"' & IniRead (@ScriptDir & "\Settings.ini","Components","Path1","") & '"')


Run (IniRead (@ScriptDir & "\Settings.ini","Components","Path1",""))


Executed script's or *.bat think that they located at where my script is (which i use to execute them)

For example:

C:\Executor.au3 executes D:\test.bat

test.bat has simple lines

mkdir folder
Xcopy %source%\folder\file.ext

When this test.bat executed, CMD window says that this batch runs from C: instead of D: where its located and copies files into C:\folder instead of D:\folder as it was programed to.

Anyway to fix this ? Maybe rights issue or something ?

Thanks in advance

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Maybe i somehow need to convert full path to executable batch to path only and set it as its working directory ?

But i dont know how to convert F:\Installed programs\Azureus\Start Azureus.bat to F:\Installed programs\Azureus

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thanks i didnt know this function existed and was in help file.

Dim $szDrive1, $szDir1, $szFName1, $szExt1
$GetPath1 = _PathSplit(IniRead (@ScriptDir & "\Settings.ini","Components","Path1",""), $szDrive1, $szDir1, $szFName1, $szExt1)
$ReturnPath1 = _ArrayToString ($GetPath1,"",1,2)
Run (IniRead (@ScriptDir & "\Settings.ini","Components","Path1",""),$ReturnPath1)

I created this code for each 10 fileopen dialogs and i wonder if there is another simpler way to make this code smaller.

I do not yet understand how "Dim" works and whats its for, so if anyone would explain it would be great help.

Thanks again for function

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