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number conversion

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hi guys i have sample code.

$a = ':59:/12345678'
$a = stringReplace($a, ":59:", "")
$a = stringReplace($a, " ", "")
$a = stringReplace($a, "-", "")
$a = stringReplace($a, "/", "")
if isnumber($a) then
MsgBox(0, "line", $a)
MsgBox(0, "error", 'Not a Number')

as you can see the the value of $a before it starts to do the if statement will be "12345678" but then again the msgbox that i am getting is the second one "Not a number". so i came up with the conclusion that $a is still a string, question is how do i do this? (what i mean is how would the script know if its already a number or not?)

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The helpfile is very clear that StringReplace() returns a string.

To convert a string to a number see Number(), but you probably want StringIsDigit or one of the related functions.

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