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Hello all of you,

It seems that AutoIt can't access to a sub-process of NTVDM under Windows 2000. For example, when I try to run NortonAntivirus Updates (that you can find here), with the command line switche "/q", there is a process that starts "under" NTVDM. ProcessWait et ProcessWaitClose can't find this process. Do you have an idea how I could handle this ?

Thanks !

Cervélo Soloist 2004 & Cervélo P3C 2007

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Why not RunWait ? Because I'm already using it !  B)

:whistle: ok... then i guess i don't understand what you need to accomplish or whats going wrong....

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I think I get it. The program you are running launches another program and then exits, without waiting for that program to finish. You do RunWait on the launcher but it returns before the program it launches finishes. You want to know how to wait for the launched program to finish.

Does it display a window? You could use WinWaitClose to stop until that window closes.

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You got the point, Nutster !

Sorry I didn't get time to answer JdeB before...

NAV updates are designed to be able to run on Win9x family and WinNT family : just have a look on the list the updates concern... It must be a 16 bits program.

So, my goal is to deploy silently updates on a long list of computers from time to time, that's why I use the command line switch "/q". Nothing appears on the screen : I really need it to deploy updates even if somebody uses the computer.

Nutster, I think that something you described occurs. NTVDM is "Windows 16-bits Virtual Machine" as you can read here. So, it seems that NTVDM "takes" the update program in a special part of memory, and you can't get the control of the process.

I have another idea : run the program in interactive mode, hide the windows as soon as they appears, send the needed "ControlSend" and wait for the last window to close...

Thanks for your help !

Cervélo Soloist 2004 & Cervélo P3C 2007

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