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intercepting data transfer between 2 WinXp apps

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Hello all,

first my excuses if this topic has been answered elsewhere, but I didnt really know on what to search.

My problem is the following:

In Windows XP, i would like to write a script that connects a certain text editing program with Adobe acrobat to initiate a search there. To do so, I need to copy a value (a piece of text from the editing program), switch to Adobe and use it there. So far so good and already solved (rudimentarily with sendkeys, but works). The only problem is automatically GETTING that value.

Now, the editing program happens to hand the value that I want to ANOTHER application from the same maker every time I would need it, so all I need to find out:

a) how and where this value is handed over

;) how to grab it to use it elsewhere as well.

Would there be a typical way this could have been implemented? Is there a sniffer or something to find out?

Thanks very much


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how to grab value : this need a memory scan and read the data from the memory

where to grab : i don't know, you must do some research with memory hack program, then find its address, pointers, etc...

how to use it elsewhere : either use Send, ControlSend or through some memory editing as well

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