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Memory read and add value

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I have been playing around with some new stuff how would you scan a memory address say 0x07000000 and then increase by 1 and scan again I have been trying

Func search()
    $second = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\config.ini", "Key", "51", "")
    $com = _MemoryRead($second, $ID, "Char[30]")
    If $com = $name Then
        $third =  $second + 240  ; <<<<<<< Should give me my final address address
        MsgBox(0, "", $third)
        $third1 = $second + 1 ; <<<<<<< trying to add to address here but not working
        $forth = IniWrite(@ScriptDir & "/config.ini", "Key", "51", $third1)

This is in a loop, but when I check the file instead of 0x07000000 and increasing Key 51 becomes 00000001 and increases to 0000000A and then resets to 00000001 and on and on. So why is it taking out the 0x and the 07 < in the address and why will it not advance past 0000000A, I hope you can understand what I am saying here not sure if I explained it correctly. so if done correctly it should write to ini file 0x07000001 then 0x07000002 and so on till it gets to 0x07ad0078 eventually

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