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Game Detection Engine

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I need WarCraft Game Detection Engine like in http://web.me.com/elettrone/Wartools/Home.html

Game Detection Engine

One of the best and unique features in Wartools along with the Smart Keys is the GDE or Game Detection Engine.

This system handles the auto activation and deactivation for hot-keys so that you don’t have to manually activate/deactivate them every time you are chatting or if you return to Windows.

When I say this is a unique feature I mean that at the present time of writing this guide there is no other alike program that can do this as efficiently and errorless as Wartools.

As the system doesn’t rely on “Enter” or any other key press detection, Wartools will never get your hot-keys stuck breaking down your gameplay and even leading you to a unfortunate death.

This is one of the main reasons why i started writing my own program and probably one of the reasons you will likely keep using Wartools over other programs after trying it for a while.

plz if someone knows help!!!

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