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Timeout Parameter Precision in Functions

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Guest Hoshizora

Dear all,

I hope the table below will help to clarify the precision of the TIMEOUT parameter in functions that uses it (especially for ProcessWait() and ProcessWaitClose() functions).

Table below list the functions that has the TIMEOUT parameter:

AutoIt Timeout/Delay Parameter Precision in Functions (as of v3.1.1)


InputBox ( "title", "Prompt" [, "Default" [, "password char" [, Width, Height [, Left, Top [, TimeOut]]]]] ) ----- in seconds

MsgBox ( flag, "title", "text" [, timeout] ) ----- in seconds

Ping ( address or hostname [, timeout] ) ----- in milliseconds

ProcessWait ( "process" [, timeout] ) ----- in seconds

ProcessWaitClose ( "process" [, timeout] ) ----- in seconds

Sleep ( delay ) ----- in milliseconds

TrayTip ( "title", "text", timeout [, option] ) ----- in seconds

_viExecCommand($h_session, $s_command, $i_timeout_ms = -1) ----- in milliseconds

_viSetTimeout($h_session, $i_timeout_ms) ----- in milliseconds

WinWait ( "title" [, "text" [, timeout]] ) ----- in seconds

WinWaitActive ( "title", ["text"], [timeout] ) ----- in seconds

WinWaitClose ( "title" [, "text" [, timeout]] ) ----- in seconds

WinWaitNotActive ( "title" [, "text" [, timeout]] ) ----- in seconds

Note: 1s = 1000ms

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Guest Hoshizora

Or you could just read the help file :(.


I would have if the help file clearly defines the timeout precision in the following 2 functions:




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I understand the documentation in the help file but yes, I do agree there could be more information given.

Perhaps you should submit in the 'Idea Lab' your findings and give new help file documentation.

Something like... for each function that doesn't clearly state what it is, milliseconds or seconds.

ProcessWait ( "process" [, timeout] )

timeout [optional]. Specifies how long to wait in seconds(default is to wait indefinitely).

In the help file its...

ProcessWait ( "process" [, timeout] )

timeout [optional]. Specifies how long to wait (default is to wait indefinitely).


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