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Advanced GUI deactivation upon credentials

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Do not activate this script until you understand how to deactivate it. If you so happen as to launch the code and shut down your personal computer, Windows will lock on the welcome/login splash screen and you will be unable to re-enter Windows OS even through safe mode. I was lucky enough to be able to boot from my "i836" file directory and undo the changes while testing.

Windows XP

Here's the low down on my implementation of of an advanced security function that need a lot of work but

will do its job effectively. I already have the part of "THE HAMMER" but I dont have the "trigger", If you know what I mean.


==================================================================== THE HAMMER =====================================================================



The hammer basically disables all forms of graphical interaction on the host by disabling the Windows XP G.U.I and functions such as the task-bar, start-menu, icons, task-manager, {CTRL}+{ALT}+{DELETE} combination and mouse with the exception of the alphabetical and numerical keys.

FUNCTION#1 BELOW= moderately Disables basic G.U.I

ControlDisable("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow321")
                                   ControlDisable("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow322")
                                   ControlDisable("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow323")
                                   WinSetState("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]", "", @SW_HIDE)
                                   WinSetTrans("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]", "", 0)
                                   WinSetState("[CLASS:Shell_TrayWnd]", "", @SW_HIDE)
                                   WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_HIDE)

Function#2 below= partially Re-enables G.U.I

ControlEnable("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow321")
                                  ControlEnable("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow322")
                                  ControlEnable("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow323")
                                  WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_SHOW)
                                  WinSetState("[CLASS:Shell_TrayWnd]", "", @SW_SHOW)
                                  WinSetState("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]", "", @SW_ENABLE)
                                  WinSetTrans("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]", "", 255)


======================================================================== PROBLEMS ===================================================================


"As you have probably noticed"

#1: I do not know how to disable the task-manager.[PRIMARY]

#2: I do not know how to disable the mouse.[OPTIONAL]

#3: I do not know how to disable the {CTRL}+{ALT}+{DELETE} combination to prevent a user from running the "explorer" window.

#4: I do not know how to create an interaction between me and function#2 while "THE HAMMER" is active and task-manager is not.[PRIMARY]

#5: After undoing the changes with the second script, Windows XP luna

theme(s) are disabled due to a service within "services.msc" being switched

off and reverts to the "Classic" theme. You might also have a black box where

your user name would be in the start menu.[PRIMARY]

To recover the default XP theme (called the Luna theme), the following solution can be used:-

Start the Themes Service: Go to Start > Run and type services.msc and press Enter key to open the Services window. Here, navigate to "Themes" service, and right-click on it and select Properties, and make sure that the Start Up type is set to Automatic. And if the service is stopped, click the Start button to start it.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++THE IDEA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


#1: If it were possible to disable the task manager or means of activating it as it can summon the "Explorer" interface and allow a breach into the system by allowing interaction.

#2: if there is a possible way to automatically reactivate the "Themes" service and set it to auto start with function#2.

#3: If it were possible to have a hidden G.U.I running unseen in the background while constantly focused awaiting ASSCI credentials for activation of Function#2.

I don't care what you do with it, just send me any thing you might have to add. thank you in advance for any helpful insight/input.

reagrds, JSLR


-------------------------------------------------------- In case you still cant activate the luna theme----------------------------------------------


The above should have fixed anything that would happen. Because the script does not have peramiters to delete any objects. But in-case the WORST "HAPPEND" there are still some fixes. I have included the information that will restore any damages.

2: Locate the Luna.theme file manually: Right click on the desktop and choose Properties. On the Themes tab, choose the [ Browse...] option. Next browse and locate the file C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Luna.theme and apply this as theme.

3: Luna.theme file not present: If Luna.theme file itself is not present, then it has to be restored back. Download this Zip file from Kelly’s Korner, and then extract the contents of the download "http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/regs_edits/Resources.zip" to C:\Windows directory. Then, apply this theme as given in previous step.

4: Registry fix: If the above steps do not solve the problem, then there is a chance of changes in the default Registry values related to Themes. Download this Registry fix from Kelly’s Korner


And merge it with the Registry. Restart the computer to make the changes to take effect.

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