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_GUICtrlRichEdit_Create seems to put a lock on error handling

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This causes the interpreter to hang within SciTE:

#include <GuiRichEdit.au3>
Global $hRichEdit, $Array[2][2]

$GUI = GUICreate("", 200, 200)
$hRichEdit = _GUICtrlRichEdit_Create($GUI, "", 10, 10, 680, 460)
MsgBox(0,"","About to freeze...")
$Array[1] = "X" ; bad reference to 2-dimension array should cause abend
MsgBox(0,"", "I'll never get this far!")

I don;t know if anyone wants to consider this a bug worthy of being addressed. If so, I'll post a BT.

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Which version of AutoIt are you using? and 1.79 under XP Pro SP3.

Edit: Isn't hanging on your machine, I'm guessing? I get the first Msgbox(), never the second. No error, no process termination, it just goes into limbo. I do get the syntax error, and the task ends, when running a compiled version.

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