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paste multiple lines of info into script

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I'm trying to make a small autoit script that can take five pieces of information per line, then jumbles them around into a dos type command which is added to a queue list. After I've done this for multiple lines of information send those custom commands to the command prompt to run. I think I've figured out how to do most of it, but I'm stuck on how to input the information.

Sometimes I need to input the five bits of info by hand, so I could make a GUI with five input fields. Once I type it in I could hit press a button or hit Enter and it would add it the queue list below the entry fields. However, some times I get this info in either Google Doc or Excel format in cells for lots of users at once, so I'm looking for a way to copy and paste multiple cells or lines into the script area and have it add THOSE to the queue list as well. I hope that makes sense, if not I can really try to elaborate.

Any thoughts? Is there a command or control I'm missing somewhere?

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