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How to script a user change on Windows..

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I need some expert help...

Does anyone have any idea on how windows might be scripted to change users...

I have a script running on one user site, and after it does a few things on one user, I want it to do following:

1. Click "Start Button" (no problem)

2. Click "Log Off" (no problem)

3. Click "Switch User" (no problem)

But that is it... the script of course loses control and cannot click to select the next user...

So of course it can't click what the next user is supposed to do...

Any ideas, thoughts... I was running the initial script from the Administrator User and I also made all the users administrators just so they could order the next user to do something... but once I change user.. I have no idea how to pick it up.... any thoughts or ideas..


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Hey guys and gals help me out here. I need this really bad... $100 bucks to anyone providing a solution to allow me to switch from one user to another and activate a simple autoit script on each user.. then go from user to user over and over again..

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This can't really be done the way that you have described. You can't do this by logging off, but you can by setting up an autologon for the next user and then rebooting the computer.

But I question why you should need to do this. Are you changing files or registry entries? You can do either without logging in under the user's profile. To change the user's personal registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER), just load their ntuser.dat file as a hive in the registry - see the reg.exe LOAD command.


BlueBearrOddly enough, this is what I do for fun.

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