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I have no issue when people do not agree with me but there are limits in what can be written to me in a PM.

Dear Jos,

You are being a real jackass...you do not like to be ignored...you are a incredibly stupid. What is your deal anyway...you play here Bruce Almighty?

What you did proves your real personality, not your virtual one, as you have this courage only behind a monitor.

Stupid idiot!!!!!!!!!

by the way, "jos" in my language has the meaning as miserable, and you proved it.

Have a nice life mother fucker!!! now you are not ignored! I hope you feel much better now! Go fuck yourself in the bathroom...I am sure you live with your parents...because judging by the way you write you are really frustrated, and you should be because you are a scumbag.

Edited by Jos

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Live for the present,
Dream of the future,
Learn from the past.

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