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Check if Website login* is avaliable...or somthing similar.

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Hello all,

at the momement i am kinda brain-storming so i don't have any code yet.

What am i trying to do is :

Website has a log-in feature. This website is going under maintaince now and then sometimes 5 times a week sometimes once per month.

Now when Website (or database behind it) is under maintaince login obviouselly doesn't work. If you try to log in you get a friendly MessageBox explaining that there is Maintainance.

So my question is ... is there a way with AutoIt to check if log-in works without brining up IE and waiting for site to load.

I am almost 100% that there is a way to do a check. Maybe pining it or somthing?

Anyway if someone has an idea please post it, i have done my bid of searching but haven't found anything that i could use.

Thank you for reading!

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Hey there,

I'm new to AutoIt, but I think you can use WinHTTP. Just query a special "check" page (with connects with a database) and when it has an error, provide another error in the msgbox.

Good luck!

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