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Automate localized application with autoit

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Hi Frndz,

Can anyone please let me know , if my test application is installed in Japanes Language then autoit support to automate the application ? If Yes , please provide me the information. Please see the attached screenshot for my Japanes application.

I could able to automate successfully my application if it is in english laguage. I am trying to execute the same scripts in my application which is

installed in Japanes language. But all my scripts got failed.

Please let me know how I can succeed on this.

Thank You.




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Could you show us the code you used to automate the english version with?

- Tyranlol

[u]Only by Attempting the Impossible You Can Earn the Remarkable[/u]

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If your script used the different english texts to recognise the window and/or the controls in it, you will have to localise the script too. Meaning you have to replace the english texts for the japanese ones.

The better option is probably to re-write your script to recognise controls by the properties that do not change between localised versions. Read this to get an idea of how it might work.

If you are getting stuck, please show is the information as shown by the au3info tool for the window/controls you want to interact with, aswell as your attempt.

My advise is to make tiny test scripts trying to do one action to one control and implement them in your working script once you have the example doing what it should do.

(With tiny I mean just a WinWaitActive and a ControlClick, for example)

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