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If you have enough money to pay the traffic on your download page, eat this ...

If you're a software author, at some point you've probably wanted to submit your software to some of the software archives around the net; sure it was fun the first one or two, but around the fourth site, fun turns into a chore, and at about site six it's torture. Isn't there an easier way to do this? There is now...

AnalogX SoftSubmit is the best thing to happen in software development since, heck, the Internet (because before then, we didn't have to worry about this!). It contains templates for more than 50 of the BEST file archives and directories on the net, so you only have to enter your programs information ONCE, and you can let your computer do the tedious job of submitting it over and over!

SoftSubmit is also blazingly fast - it can submit to almost all of those servers in less than a minute! It supports submitting via either the forms on the website or by sending a custom email messages to the admins with the information formatted just the way they like it. Make *SURE* to read all of the documentation before using this program!



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