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control ID are the same in same dialog??

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Hi, pretty new at this so I apologize if this is silly

I'm noticing with Au3info when looking at a file open dialog ( it's coming from my own app I'm using an MFC CFileDialog ) that the control ID of the SysListView32 is the same as the Control ID of the Open button... in the same dialog. This is frustrating as I am generating my own script programatically (e.g. recording events in my own app) and I was counting on making my scripts more robust using control IDs (which are the same as my resource IDs) rather than mouse positions.

Is there a way to programatically derive the classnameNN value?

Or... how would I call ControlClick without using classnameNN when the control IDs are the same?



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ClassnameNN is just the CLASS appended with the instance number. So "SysListView327" would be "[CLASS:SysListView32; INSTANCE:7]".

See "Controls" in the help file.


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