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I'm experiencing some troubles with the IE.au3 UDF.

The situation:

I'm trying to get a specific value into a HTML-textbox but the Javascript is avoiding this to do this by _ieFormElementSetValue.

This is the HTML code i'm talking about:

<input onfocus="this.blur()" onclick="clearWishDate();" maxlength="10" value="" name="wishDate" type="text">

Is there any way to go around this blocking JAVAcode. I also cannot put the focus on this textbox element to type or send keys to it.

So I was hoping somebody here has some experience using _IEDocInsertHTML or _IEHeadInsertEventScript which would make me able to fill the textbox. Normally its filled by clicking on a image which shows a calendar where i have to pick a date from. Unfortunately (as most of you IE.au3 scripters should know) Javascript and AUTOIT are not the best friends of eachother.

_IEDocInsertHTML makes me able to put extra text before or after a HTMLtag but thats not what i need. I need to fill the VALUE inside a tag. Is there any way to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Nvm, got it.

$oquery = _IeGetObjByName($frame, "wishDate")
_IEDocInsertText($oquery, $wishdate, "afterbegin")

Thx for reading anyway. Posted the solution for searchers on the forum.

Topic can be closed.

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