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Mouse Dont Clicks... Help!

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Ive done some simple code to test autoit with my game (FLYFF)

it Sometimes Clicks And Sometimes Dont, but, all times PixelSearch Find the color that i want,



Search for Unique RED Name of Monster and Retrieve (x and y)

Mouse uses x and y from search and Clicks on Founded Position.


like i said this dont work fine (finds Color, But Sometimes Dont Click,) (Used a MsgBox To check if it was finding color)

Im Doing Something Wrong?

; Pixel BOT Flyff

WinActivate ("FLYFF")

; Settings | Constants
$COLOR = 0xFF0000; Pure RED
$FLYFFX1 = 100
$FLYFFY1 = 100
$FLYFFX2 = 1111
$FLYFFY2 = 800
Sleep (1000)
While 1
    $SearchResult = PixelSearch($x1 + 35, $y1 + 35, $x2, $y2, $Color, 5, 2)
    If @error Then
        MsgBox(1, "WTF" , "No Pixel Found")
        MouseMove ($Coord[0], $Coord[1])
        ControlClick ("FLYFF","","", "left", 2)


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