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Check To See If Scripe Is Already Running

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See AutoItSetTitle and AutoItGetTitle in the help file... Hmm, this could be improved...

Add this to the beginning of a script to prevent it from running a second instance:

If AutoItWinGetTitle() = "Some unique program title goes here" Then Exit
AutoItSetTitle("Some unique program title goes here")

Hope that helps

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I think what roadrunner was asking, is if there is any way for a script to determine if another instance is already running in memory...

I've played around with ProcessExists(), AutoItWinGetTitle(), as well as other functions; but haven't had any luck checking if the compiled script is already running. I've also looked into using task manager (taskmgr.exe) to parse the list of open processes, but haven't had any luck with getting a usable screen-scrape.

Hopefully somebody knows of an easier way to obtain a list of processes currently in memory... :whistle:

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$g_szVersion = "My Script 1.1"
If WinExists($g_szVersion) Then Exit  ; It's already running

That names your script. The next time its run, if it finds that name, it will exit, otherwise, it must be the first instance, so it names itself.

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