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How to read TCP Source Port?

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hey guys

i'm working on a project, in some ways similar to "HLSW", at the moment. that means a program that connects to game servers to check for their status and stats.

if you query gameservers they always answer on the port you sended from. for example: query from me (random) port: 5123 to gameserver port: 2190. the answer: gameserver port 2190 -> my port 5123

in autoit i only can define the port i want to send to, in this case the gameserver port 2190. but i cant (or i didnt figure out how) define from what port i want to send AND i cant read out what port i was sending from. and because of that i cant receive the answer, because i dont know the port.

with UDP, wich most gameservers are using, this is no problem because the port doesnt matter. but now i got a server protocol that uses TCP for status query's and im stuck ;)

anyone got an idea?


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