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FileCopy Issues

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Hi there,

So I'm a newcommer to AutoIT, and it looks amazing! So I've created a few sample scripts while following the instructions in the documentation, but my first production script is having problems.

I have a really simple objective: copy folders from a network drive to a folder on the desktop. It's a Toshiba printer/scanner, with a built in network share.

I created the following script:

FileCopy("\\MFP-052903859\FILE_SHARE\SCAN\*.*", "%homepath%\printer_scans\",9)

When I do this, I end up getting a folder named "%homepath%" on my desktop. It's not inserting the homepath into the script.

How do I use environmental variables in my scripts?

Thanks for your help!

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Great - that took care of it.

Now is there a flag to make it copy any directories found, to the destination?

As I have it, it copies all the files in the "From" folder, but not any folders.


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Robocopy,xcopy...or one of the many file list to array recursive UDFs to find all files recursively and then use filecopy replacing the destination by stringreplace or regular expression

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That is one of the pitfalls of using wildcards in functions like FileCopy(). By the way "*.*" means nothing to Windows "*" is exactly the same thing.

Opt('ExpandEnvStrings', 1)
$sPath = "\\MFP-052903859\FILE_SHARE\SCAN\"
$sSearch = FileFindFirstFile($sPath & "*")
If NOT @Error Then
     While 1
          $sFile = FileFindNextFile($sSearch)
          If @error Then ExitLoop
          If @Extended Then
               DirCopy($sPath & $sFile, "%homepath%\printer_scans\" & $sFile, 1)
               FileCopy($sPath & $sFile, "%homepath%\printer_scans\" & $sFile, 9)


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