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I set the focus with

ControlFocus("[CLASS:ThunderRT5Form]", "", "[CLASS:ApexGrid.19; INSTANCE:1]")

Know i will scrol down in this 'listbox' until the visible text =40300.

Whats the best way of doing that?


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If that "ApexGrid.19" is really a grid control, maybe you don't. Actual Grid controls, as compiled by Delphi for example, don't respond to the standard Windows APIs that AutoIt uses. You would be left with more coarse work-arounds, like send "{DOWN}", then "^c", then check the text in the clipboard, and repeat until you hit the desired value. No guarantee even that would work.

If it was a normal Windows API ListBox control, you could directly test if a particular item was visible/selected by either ControlCommand() or the _GUICtrlListBox_* functions of the GuiListBox.au3 UDF.


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