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More Au3gui Issues

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Alright here are hopefully the last two items.

1) I wanted to sort a combobox and I used this.

Global $CBS_SORT = 256

Then add


I get something really funky. Give it a shot tell me if it works for you.

2) I set the parent option.


But when I close the window with the X it sends it behind the window behind it.



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As far as the parent that part works. The problem is let's say I have a folder opened that has my program. I run my program. It has a window that goes on top of the window of my folder. I click a button that opens another gui that is the child of my program. I close this window with the X. My program window will move behind my folder window.



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The sorting worked but the window still falls behind. Interestingly enough when it does this my script won't continue until I click it forward.

I will post my script in a bit to help you out. Got to go see about a pediatrician for our baby. :whistle:


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Alright I have finished what I wanted. There are a few issues I would still like to take care of, but you will be able to see the problem I'm having. Make sure you have another window open before you run this.

UDF Selector

red :whistle:

EDIT: Updated with some fixes. But still have same problem. File time is 8:04.

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