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How to simulate a mouse click on selected text?

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Hi, I just start to learn Autoit, right now I am working on something that needs to simulate a mouse click on selected text. The scenario is like this:

I open a webpage, then there is a message box popping up, I need to click the OK button on that message box. The annoying thing is that, I cannot use keyboard to control the OK button (TAB or ENTER or else doesn’t work). So I want to use a mouse click instead, however, the message box keeps on changing its position each time I reload the webpage, which gives me a big headache.

I suppose my way to solve the problem should be like this:

Step 1: search for text “OK” on the screen

Step 2: select the text “OK”

Step 3: get the –x, -y position value (or range) of the selected text

Step 4: then use mouseclick() to click on the button

But I am not sure whether Autoit has such a function for Step 3, I read through the help file but couldn’t find any clue. Can anyone give me some hints on this? Or suggest a new approach?

Thanks a lot!

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Use ControlClick(), and see "Controls" in the help file for all the ways you can specify the control, including by text:

ControlClick("Your Popup Title", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:OK]")


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