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Hi, so I am making a game, and so far have used sprites as the characters saved as .gif files with transparency, this works however when the character moves on screen, the transparency flickers, and changes between transparent and gray.

I was looking around for alternatives, and a friend suggested GDI+ after looking into it I found very little in the way of tutorials etc. I did find a Mario game that used it, and it seemed quite well done, however it was far to complicated for me to follow.

If some one can give other possible solutions, or simple GDI+ examples, i would be most thankful.

Basically I just need to make a stick man, and be able to control the joints with GDI+, or what I am currently doing ( with little success) is just deleting and loading other images to show different stances.



Hello, World!... LAME lol

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You already have 99 easy examples, open the helpfile and look at "GDIPlus Management". Also do a search for GDI+ with "Titles only" in the examples forum. If that isn't enough don't use titles only.

A good alternative for GDI+ is SDL. SDl is a bit faster, and sort of easier. Just don't expect as fast support as I seem to be the only major user here. SDL UDF.

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