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Calculate IP Subnet

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I would like to do 3 different things, 1 would be to display the Network Bits of an entered subnet

i.e. = 24 bit

Next would be to calculate the Subnet Mask from the Network Bits (opposite of above)


24 bit =

Last would be to find the Network Address based on the IP Address & Subnet Mask, this is probably the hardest.

i.e. / = / = / =

I found this thread but couldn't get enough out of it to do exactly what I'd like to do



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It's a good beginner's problem; not too hard. StringSplit() the dotted decimal mask and do a loop to work with one part at a time.

Post what you tried if you get stuck and you'll find plenty of help.


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I apologies for posting to an old topic but this was the only post I found with a problem similar to the one I was trying to solve.  Anyhows,  this is the solution I found which seems to work well;

;Set our IP and Subnet


;Split them into arrays


;use a BitwiseAND to calculate the network

ConsoleWrite(BitAND($arrIP[1],$arrSN[1]) & "." & BitAND($arrIP[2],$arrSN[2]) & "." & BitAND($arrIP[3],$arrSN[3]) & "." & BitAND($arrIP[4],$arrSN[4])& @CRLF)

Hope this helps someone.

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