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Setting Privileged level (UAC)

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Let me draw out the scenario so someone can get a good picture of what's going on.

I have an application that requires Admin access on 400+ machines. Without having the developers re-write the launcher for the application our current workaround is setting the privilege level of the app to 'Run This Program As Administrator'

This is done by simply right clicking on the Exe/Properties/ compatibility / Run This Program AS Administrator.

We are required to do this as we've decided to leave UAC on.

Is there a way to have Autoit put the 'Run This Program as an Administrator' flag on the exe? I assumed I could do this with a bat, however i've yet to find anything regarding how to do this.


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Install the Full SciTE4AutoIt3 and use directive:

#AutoIt3Wrapper_res_requestedExecutionLevel=    ;None, asInvoker, highestAvailable or requireAdministrator

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Its not a code answer but you can create a shortcut to the exe

and in the advanced settings on the shortcut tab tick the run as admin tickbox then save and your shortcut will start the main exe with admin priveledges.

I run installs from Cmd this way, UAC may still ask on running the shortcut but after that it will all be admin i think.


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